In order to promote and advance autonomous security vehicles — ground, marine and aerial — security industry veteran Jay Jason Bartlett, managing editor of Security.World online news and information portal, is announcing the formation of the Autonomous Security Association. 

This trade association is a focused venue for autonomous security technology partners and market experts working with surveillance and security robotics to advance the understanding and awareness of the autonomous security marketplace.

Bartlett, the new executive director of the association, has been active in the security industry for 10 years and will seek others to join the leadership board of the association. 

Autonomous Security Association focuses on the unmanned vehicles and robotics industry and supports all forms of platforms including ground, air, and marine vehicles coupled with a broad spectrum of robotic initiatives including commercial, medical, military, personal and industrial security applications. 

The association provides resources and expertise that facilitate the successful growth of security robotics. Participating companies of the association manufacture, integrate and resell such security robotic devices.

Autonomous Security Association will publish a weekly newsletter on the robotic security marketplace, produce tradeshows and conferences with robotic security vendors and will deliver educational trainings for those looking to advance their careers in the robotic security industry.

The association will also hold its inaugural conference in San Diego, October 13, 2017, showcasing unmanned security vehicles.

Membership in the Autonomous Security Association is open to those persons and companies that are dedicated to the objectives of the association and desire to advance the capabilities and solutions of autonomous security.

Please visit the Autonomous Security Association website at to learn more about the association, become a member, or become an industry sponsor.