PSA has expanded its Cybersecurity Solutions Providers through the inclusion of TechMIS, an end-to-end cybersecurity company. TechMIS has provided cyber services to U.S. Department of Defense clients and brings that expertise to commercial clients, PSA described in a press release.

Steve Mains, CEO of TechMIS said, “There is no greater danger to businesses today than a cyberattack, and together with PSA we can help businesses focus on their businesses without worry.”

TechMIS offers several products to PSA integrators and their clients:

  • PhishKill reduces susceptibility to the No. 1 hacking technique, phishing, by 80 percent; combining behavioral science and computer science to defeat hackers and prevent ransomware.
  • TigerPhish defends sensitive data against attack through server and workstation security.
  • CleanPhish detects and eliminates intrusions quickly and completely developing forensics for culprit identification and prosecution.

Cyberattacks against businesses are on the rise and TechMIS helps protect against attacks. In light of the Equifax breaches, TechMIS is offering PSA integrators and their clients free identity exposure checks to gauge their vulnerability on the Web. Individuals may visit to claim their free assessment.

“Cybersecurity is critical for business strategy and infrastructure. We are hearing about cyber breaches in the public media and it emphasizes the need for every company to have employee awareness and defenses in place,” said Chris Salazar-Mangrum, senior IT project manager for PSA. “We are excited to introduce a provider to our members that will not only help protect their businesses, but also a service that our members can offer to their clients.”

PSA has partnered with premier cybersecurity service providers that provide an array of services including risk management, information security assessments and monitoring, system penetration testing, cybersecurity insurance, legal counsel and reputation management. For more information visit