Effective cyber security measures have become a core consideration when evaluating and/or planning a new or enhanced networked security and surveillance system to ensure it receives adequate levels of protection from cyberattacks.

While there are no quick or easy fixes that will harden a physical security network, there are a few key best practices that can be implemented to strengthen the security of the network infrastructure.

System Inclusivity — Most video surveillance networks include a variety of equipment from different manufacturers and generations of cameras, NVRs, controllers, and so on. Each has a different mechanism to allow hackers to gain root access and manipulate these devices. For cyber security solutions to address this issue they must work across the entire installed base of equipment and be future-proof so that system upgrades and additions are equally hardened to protect the integrity of the system.

Automation — To help guard against evolving threats, users should implement solutions that have embedded automation capabilities that constantly analyze the integrity of the security system/network to identify changes and issue alerts. These should include, at a minimum, automated device indexing with status and reporting, failed log-in attempts, tracking software, topology scanning, device tampering, and automated 24/7 analysis of bandwidth or power consumption to detect anomalies.

Adaptive — Automated analysis and diagnosis of the security system is only part of the solution. Today’s service assurance solutions take advantage of advanced technology that can further harden a network against cyberattacks. For example, service assurance software can assess password strength or weakness and recommend changes.

Addressing these challenges with solutions or services that automatically detect all system devices and software, verify that they are working together as a team, verify video streams are being recorded, and confirm that recorded files are retained, makes the task easier and helps ensure compliance.