A new SV2 Multi-Sensor Sustaining Release is now available through the Arecont Vision Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Applicable cameras in the field can be updated with the new SV2 Multi-Sensor Sustaining Release with the assistance of the TAC. Exciting new features are added and available for SurroundVideo G5 and SurroundVideo Omni G2/G3 with the SV2 Multi-Sensor Sustaining Release. Major enhancements, additions, and capabilities include: SNAPstream bandwidth reduction technology; multi-stream support improvements; ONVIF Profile S support; white balance improvements (WB 2.0); new color correction capabilities; Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) improvements; digest authentication; port filtering; cyber security enhancements; x support; and a new, updated Web interface. New Arecont Vision production cameras built after 1 December 2017 in each of these multi-sensor series now include the updates in the SV2 Multi-Sensor Sustaining Release, and will start making their way into authorized distribution channels. Cameras in inventory at Arecont Vision facilities or at authorized distributors can be field upgraded. Visit https://www.arecontvision.com/resources.php for more information.