Speco Technologies released four new cloud-enabled cameras designed to record to the all-new Speco cloud video storage platform. The company simultaneously launched the Speco Cloud Channel Partner program, which allows dealers to share in the recurring monthly revenue (RMR). The combined camera and channel partner solution affords customers a safe and secure way to store their video while being accessible on the go 24/7.

“Speco wanted to expand our product offering, and what better way than to the cloud,” said James Hoang, partnering and integration manager, Speco Technologies, Amityville, N.Y. “That is where everything is heading these days, including for video and security. We have been selling recorders and cameras that record locally and we wanted to be able to give our end users a choice to keep recording in the cloud and have it available on-the-go 24/7, with very little set up and maintenance requirements.”

Speco Cloud solution is designed for both residential and business applications with its plug-and-play setup, convenient monitoring and competitive rates the company described. It also provides the added benefit of mobile viewing with the Speco Cloud app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

The initial camera offering includes two bullet and two dome models, but there are more models planned, Hoang explained. “Right now these are fixed cameras. Two of the models have varifocal zoom. In the future we are planning to come out with P/T cameras as well as Wi-Fi capable. We will probably have doorbell cameras also on the roadmap. There are a lot of exciting camera products coming out for the cloud.”

Speco’s cloud-enabled IP cameras are vandal and weather resistant and feature a five year warranty; they are capable of recording clear and crisp video as well as audio. They also offer the added convenience of an included junction box, making installation easy, the company reported.

In addition to the cameras, Speco also rolled out a number of video cloud storage option plans for both continuous recording and motion-activated cameras. “We have subscription plans from seven or 14 days, to 30, 60, 90 days, six months, one and two year retention plans,” Hoang said. “For motion-only we have seven-, 30- or 90-day plans. The cloud is really neat. Everything is stored off-site. the end user doesn’t have to worry about vandalism, theft, fire or anything that would cause them to lose their recording. It is always on trusted servers and they have access through our viewing software.”

To help dealers capture the RMR from these new cloud solutions, Speco also set up a new cloud channel partner program. “With the current DIY types of brands out there for the cloud, dealers tend to shy away from it because all they do is sell cameras and that is it,” Hoang said. “Dealers lose out on that monthly income. We are going to share that.” In addition, the company offers a full range of value-added features to include dealer branding on the customer’s Web interface and mobile apps, automated health checks to minimize downtime and a comprehensive set of tools to manage their subscriber base.

“The end user’s Web portal and apps will all have the dealer’s logo on it,” Hoang explained. “That helps keep their names in front of their customers, creating customer loyalty as well as future sales. That is what our dealers have been asking for, and we are delivering that and getting a lot of good feedback.”

Speco is currently in the process of reaching out to dealers and getting them set up. “What we are giving dealers will impact their revenue stream,” Hoang said. “Speco is positioning itself as a professional cloud services provider. I think the cloud business is just going to continue to grow and we are hoping we will be right in thick of things and one of first to provide the value-added features we are starting to offer now.”