launched Smarter Access Control, a commercial-grade access solution for businesses. Available now, Smarter Access Control is part of the unified for Business platform, which combines access, intrusion, video surveillance and energy management into a single solution accessible through’s intuitive mobile app and Web dashboard. Fully integrated with’s cloud platform and connected device ecosystem, Smarter Access Control equips service providers with a scalable solution that generates RMR by simplifying and solving common access control challenges for new and existing customers alike.

“Engineered to seamlessly integrate with our for Business offering, Smarter Access Control is a commercial-grade access solution that simplifies installation, operation and support,” said Dan Kerzner, chief product officer at “We’ve tailored the solution to the needs of end users, making access control easy at any scale, from a single front door to an entire office. Customers can remotely lock or unlock doors, and even handle complex functions like managing employee access plans and schedules. Smarter Access Control helps our service provider partners offer a differentiated customer experience, and provides new bundling and upsell opportunities.”

Smarter Access Control lets users quickly and easily manage permissions for all access points of a business, including doors with card readers and Z-Wave locks, as well as security partitions. As part of the comprehensive for Business solution, Smarter Access Control gives users additional benefits and more automation options. For example, a single app button can unlock a business’ front door, disarm the alarm and adjust the temperature. Users can also receive alerts and access-triggered video notifications when doors report unauthorized access attempts, or forced or held-open events.

The solution uses hardware from Mercury Security, enabling’s service provider partners to address a full range of vertical markets and customer needs.

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