Brandon Clyde started from the ground and worked his way up, building a local company that offered residential and commercial installations and monitoring, with a UL-listed central station.

In the company’s early years, Clyde wanted to incorporate selling Internet along with security. Running cables, excavating, and getting bucket trucks and special installation crews, however, was too costly for companies like his to compete with Direct TV and local Internet providers. This conundrum was the catalyst to Clyde’s idea to find a way to not just provide customers with Internet, but to also build a solid residual from that service as a security dealer.

After years of researching and working with different providers, SecureWatch is offering Internet service along with security services to its customers. With the ever-growing competition of satellite, cable and Internet companies offering security as part of their packages, Clyde said he has found the solution for security dealers to compete. “Link by SecureWatch Inc. offers phone and Internet worldwide,” Clyde said. “What makes Link unique is that for the first time ever, security dealers can make an RMR from selling Internet as a Link authorized dealer. Link provides the equipment and Internet at wholesale, to allow the security dealers to sell Internet at their own price and build up their RMR and grow their business.”

Link offers a product line with an array of Internet devices for home, business or on-the-go. Clyde explained that Link technology is unique compared with all other Internet and cable companies because it does not run off cable or phone lines, but instead runs 100 percent wireless off 4G LTE and now 5G LTE networks globally. “It works great for major metropolitan cities with super-fast 4G LTE networks,” Clyde said, “as well as rural areas that cannot get cable Internet. The speeds for Link Internet range from 2 Mbps up to 100 Mbps globally.”

Clyde said Link has thought of everything, including the future 4G sunset in the year 2022. It provides equipment and devices that will support 5G turnkey when 4G shuts down, with no interruptions to the customers or dealers. Clyde expects Link’s current equipment devices to last until approximately 2030.

Clyde said Link’s goal in the upcoming year is to share this technology and business opportunity with as many individual security sales representatives as possible, along with security companies themselves, as a solution to provide more for their customers by being able to offer them Internet and phone completely wireless, while at the same time helping to grow the security dealers’ businesses financially with a onestop solution for their customers’ homes.

In the future, Link plans to accept and purchase contracts such as a dealer program instead of in-housing their accounts. Unlike the equity builder program, Link would then handle all the tech support, billing and customer service for this dealer program. With Link’s selective manufacturer, they are able to keep up with the demand to provide phone and Internet to all the major security providers across the nation, according to Clyde.