Siklu Inc. awarded Convergint Technologies their Top Security Systems Integrator Partner in North America in 2017-2018. This decision was based upon the successful partnership between the companies over the past two years. 

Siklu’s wireless fiber solutions were chosen by Convergint in a number of video surveillance projects across North America, including University Village in Seattle, the cities of Gardena, Lakewood, Bakersfield and many more.

A broad selection of Siklu mmWave wireless products with a range of frequencies and distances are supported in the partnership, including P2P as well as P2MP, leveraging narrow beams in the uncongested frequency bands of 60-70/80 GHz, which are immune to heavy Wi-Fi signals.

“We’re pleased to work with Convergint as one of our leading security partners,” said Eyal Assa, CEO of Siklu. “Siklu expands the infrastructure offering for Convergint customers, enabling them to benefit from industry-leading performance to create a network which is ready for the next generation of IoT”. 

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