D-Tools Inc., a leader in data-driven software for system integrators, and PSA Security Network announced that D-Tools has been named as the official product catalog content provider for PSA Security Network and USAV. D-Tools will work with PSA and USAV vendor partners to collect, manage, publish, and update the detailed vendor product information that is delivered through the PSA webstore.

Complete, accurate and up-to-date product information benefits PSA and USAV members by delivering the requisite product specifications that enable members to procure products from the PSA webstore, while at the same time providing a solid basis for estimating, designing, documenting and managing projects with D-Tools System Integrator software.

In order to support its customers’ need to maintain a comprehensive product library of the products they sell, D-Tools has spent nearly 20 years perfecting the tools and methodologies for creating, collecting, reviewing, and publishing detailed product information for use by security and AV integrators through its award-winning System Integrator software. PSA Security Network’s decision to engage D-Tools’ data team, tools and techniques to improve its content management capabilities and results is a direct reflection of its commitment to its members. Together, D-Tools and PSA are working to streamline business processes and facilitate growth for PSA and USAV members, while improving the overall customer experience for their respective clients.

“Finding ways to streamline operating efficiencies is in our DNA, so we are pleased to have the opportunity to leverage our expertise in providing accurate, detailed and up-to-date product specifications to the PSA Security Network and USAV to provide an enhanced procurement experience for their members,” said D-Tools CEO, Randy Stearns.

“As PSA grows, we continue to look for tools and best practices to improve our internal processes and systems focused on benefiting our integrator and vendor communities,” added Bill Bozeman, CEO and president of PSA. “This partnership with D-Tools is allowing us to scale for our growing product catalog and provide richer content on our e-commerce site buyPSA.com. It also provides up-to-date specifications and prices for the products listed. We are very pleased with the service that this integration will provide our physical security integrators and Pro-AV dealers who purchase products from PSA. This strategic partnership is an ideal foundation to build upon for our future initiatives.”

Download a free 30-day trial of D-Tools SI at www.d-tools.com/hosted-free-trial-signup/.