ProdataKey (PDK), a provider of cloud-based networked and wireless access control products and services, released a whitepaper addressing the cyber security benefits of cloud-based access control solutions. 

This whitepaper, “Safely Invisible: The Powerful Security of Cloud-Based Access Control,” compares the exposure in traditional IP systems with those in 100 percent cloud-based solutions, “providing rationale for why access control applications are best run externally from customers' in-house servers, by trusted cloud solution providers,” according to PDK. 

“IT Professionals often express concern about the safety of running security solutions from servers that are out their control,” said Josh Perry, PDK’s chief technology officer. “This whitepaper addresses many misconceptions about presumed vulnerabilities from the cloud, and gives credence to the counterintuitive fact that cloud solutions are actually more secure and preferable, from an IT perspective. We hope the information we’ve shared here can help security integrators lead more educated discussions about cyber security with their customers.”