WeSuite, a software manufacturer of sales management tools for technology sales and service providers, announced that its corporate-wide implementation of DevOps best practices has positioned the company to meet market demand for more agile and responsive solutions.

The transformation of WeSuite’s entire business model to drive its organizational performance puts it at a distinct advantage in its ability to deliver a premium user experience and value to its customers in the Security, IT, AV and electrical contracting and service industries. Benefits include faster and more frequent feature updates to its software, more reliable performance with fewer errors, and the ability to respond more quickly and directly to customer feedback. A 2018 survey reported by the website statista.com reported that only 17 percent of software companies worldwide have fully embraced DevOps. At the same time, Forrester Research reported that 64 percent of companies are dissatisfied with how long it takes them to release new features to customers, and only 23 percent of enterprises are issuing new releases at least once a month.

The WeSuite sales management platform encompasses a suite of software solutions along with a wide range of tightly integrated add-on modules capable of automating all sales functions from “contact to contract.” In addition, it offers third-party integrations with leading applications for financial ERP, document signing and storage, parts database and pricing, lead automation and calendar/contact sync. DevOps empowers WeSuite to update its code with confidence that changes made in one area of its software will not have unintended consequences elsewhere. This is possible through the implementation of coding standards that partition all software components into self-contained units and rigorous, automated testing procedures for all code modifications prior to release.

Based on initial deployment of DevOps methodologies, WeSuite reported a 25 percent increase in the quality of its code with more improvement to come, along with a 50 percent decrease in the time required to release new code. Customers can now anticipate new releases as frequently as every 90 days. WeSuite will closely monitor its customers’ appetite for the cadence of releases and will increase or scale back velocity accordingly.

“WeSuite’s customers know that the best way to maximize their technology sales is to employ the right sales technology,” said Tracy Larson, WeSuite’s President. “With our full embrace of DevOps best practices, we are positioned to provide sales management software that can quickly grow and evolve with our customers’ needs. The tools they invest in now will remain equally fresh and relevant years from now.”

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