Most of us take for granted the fact that we talk, sell and live security every day. But what about potential customers? What do you think their knowledge is of what an actual security system does?

I recently visited my mother in Fresno, Calif. to help her move, and she was asking me about putting an alarm system in her home while it goes up for sale. After I asked her what type of system she’d like, she responded with, “Well, what’s out there? What makes up a security system? Is it just that square thing you put on the wall that has buttons on it?” I chuckled a little bit and realized she can’t be the only one on our planet not knowing what an actual security system is, or what her options were.

On your website, your sales pitch or marketing efforts, do you ever take the time to explain what a security system actually is and what each component does? Do the people seeing your ads actually understand what’s being offered to them? Isn’t it worth the effort to be a little bit more descriptive?

On most of our clients’ websites, we will break down each service. This helps with natural search rankings when someone looks for home security, commercial security, access control, business alarms, etc. We’ve previously mentioned that you should include a call to action in your website content, but below your call to action, you should put some type of a slider that breaks down what each component does. Alongside pictures or graphics, put detailed descriptions of how they all work and interact with one another. We’ve even seen success when we went deeper and created a graphic of a sensor on a bar cabinet, a gun case or a prescription box because potential customers didn’t even know these things were possible until they saw it on our client’s component/ hardware slider.

Like GI Joe said, knowing is half the battle. The more your clients understand what makes up an actual security system, the more comfortable they’ll feel about getting one. And because you took the time to educate them on it, chances are that you’ll get the conversion. The longer you get a web user to stay on your site, the better the chance is that they’ll use you to purchase their system.

You can even go a step further — on that Facebook business page you’ve seen little interaction on, upload a simple video that shows you in front of a table with a complete home system, picking each item up and talking about it. Keep the video under two minutes, and while you’re talking about the system, throw in some funny stories about how a motion sensor was triggered by the house cat, or how a father went to his teenage son asking him if he’d been in the liquor cabinet again. Appear like the common guy next door and not like a boiler room-type salesman. We do this for our clients and will boost the posts to a 50 mile radius from our clients’ headquarters.