Do You Know the International Building Code?

All Answers relate to NFPA 70, 2017 Edition

1. The newest published edition of NFPA 72 is:
A. 2015
B. 2018
C. 2019
D. 2017
2. Which standard has been sunset and incorporated into NFPA 72?
A. NFPA 101
B. NFPA 7220
C. UL 720
D. NFPA 720
3. A non-required system is _____________.
A. dictated by the local AHJ
B. not covered by any code or standard
C. defined in NFPA 72
D. one that triggers the installation of additional components or features.
4. A single-station alarm is one that incorporates which of the following features except __________. 
A. power source
B. notification appliance
C. sensor
D. monitoring connection
5. A triangle symbol in the margin indicates ___________.
A. words within that section were deleted
B. words within that section were added
C. a paragraph was added
D. a new table was inserted
6. Section 1.1.1 of NFPA 72, 2019 edition added the requirements for what new devices?
Check to follow up
carbon monoxide detection
7. The newly revised definition of readily accessible allows the use of portable ladders.
A. True
B. False