The EIZO DuraVision DX0211-IP decodes and compresses multiple feeds from IP cameras for displaying video in real time. It can be used with varying monitor sizes and resolutions, making it ideal for video walls and multi-monitor environments. It offers the ability to register up to 64 cameras and currently supports ONVIF and Profile S. In addition, a direct connection through RTSP is available (Direct URI). Axis VAPIX and Panasonic protocol support will be available at the end of 2019. Offering flexible installation and ensured interoperability with a wide range of products, connecting IP cameras directly to the DuraVision DX0211-IP allows for the live streaming of video without a decentralized recording solution, such as edge recording or cloud archiving. This provides a solution for scenarios which require live streaming but where the storage of recorded images is not permitted. Users can set up the monitor to display up to 16 cameras within 15 minutes. The product can simultaneously support multiple camera brands, protocols and resolutions.