The Performance series thermal cameras are designed to take thermal imaging from niche to mainstream. Designed for short range detection, these cameras are best suited and priced for residential, commercial and industrial areas. The thermal-optical turret camera, DS-2TD 1217-2/V1 combines wide-angle thermal and optical cameras with thermal imaging-based fire detection, temperature monitoring, cigarette smoking detection, DeepinView intrusion detection and abnormal sound detection. The 160x120 vanadium oxide thermal detector upscales thermal image quality to an output resolution of 320x240. The inherent 24/7 image stability of thermal imaging is paired with a high-speed GPU to realize deep learning-based VCA algorithms, distinguishing humans and vehicles from other objects moving in or out of user-defined areas. The coupling of thermal and DeepinView significantly reduces false alarms and missed alarms. The benefit of accurate alarms makes these cameras ideally suited for short-range perimeter defense in addition to fire and temperature detection.

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