Platinum Tools’ new waterproof RJ45 coupler system (p/ns 740C & 741C) is now available with MSRPs of $30.00 (p/n 740C splice coupler) and $26.65 (p/n 741C bulkhead coupler). The 740C waterproof RJ45 splice coupler features a female-to-female coupler with waterproof end caps that enclose the RJ45 connectors in the coupler housing. The 741C waterproof RJ45 bulkhead coupler combines a female-to-female coupler designed to mount in a panel or wall, a waterproof RJ45 housing to protect the exposed RJ45 connector and a dust cap with chain to protect the coupler from the elements when no RJ45 cable is attached. The system is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, easy and quick to install, and shock and vibration resistant. It works with RJ45 (8P8C) connectors in UTP and STP applications and has a temperature range of -20 deg. C to 80 deg. C

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