Right now, many customers are protecting their cash. The economic future is uncertain, and companies are saving their reserves in order to survive this recession. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a need for security; in fact, their need for physical security and access control has most likely increased and will continue to as the country reopens.

While this may seem like an impossible situation, you can help your customers address their security needs even when they have a tight budget. One way is to think about how you can sell physical security via a monthly subscription, with a nominal upfront activation payment and a flat monthly service fee.

Brivo offers unique subscription options combining Brivo hardware, an advance payment to cover installation labor and cloud-based software services for a complete solution. To celebrate the launch of Brivo Complete, we sat down with Kelly Bond, vice president of dealer development at Brivo, to talk about the unique subscription model and its benefit for customers.


SDM: COVID-19 has created a tough economic environment for a lot of businesses. Investing in security might feel out of reach for many. What solutions or advice would you offer?

Kelly Bond: Security is more important now than ever before for many businesses. Business owners are making tough decisions regarding how they spend their cash as they negotiate an uncertain economic future. Fortunately, there is more than one way to purchase security. Brivo is offering purchasing options that involve low upfront investment with consistent monthly payments. Purchase flexibility provides viable options for any business that needs to add a new security system or upgrade their existing one while being conservative with their spending.


SDM: What should companies keep in mind when trying to scale their security solutions to stand against future pandemics and threats?

Kelly Bond: First, they need to educate themselves on their security options. There are many solutions to choose from. Resellers looking to offer new security technology should take stock of their customers’ needs and then determine the features they are looking for such as remote management, mobile credentials and easy integration capabilities. Second, it will be more important than ever to conserve cash, so finding a security provider like Brivo that offers payment options is extremely important. Your customers will be able to select a subscription for a complete security solution which can mean the difference in getting the system they need at an affordable price or not.


SDM: Why is Brivo embracing a subscription model for its services? What comes with this subscription that will help companies prepare for the future?

Kelly Bond: Brivo has been the leader in cloud technology in the physical security space for 20 years. Cloud solutions are typically sold as subscription services to people and businesses alike. Subscription purchasing allows for traditionally capital expenditures and investments to become operational. Operational expenses are generally more palatable to customers, even without budgetary constraints. It made sense to offer this in a security solution. A manageable monthly payment along with a lifetime warranty on equipment and guarantee of the latest technology is a solution that should be important to every business owner. As a reseller, it is important to offer solutions with buying options that meet your customers’ needs and wants.


SDM: Besides potential money saved, how will a subscription-based security solution help companies stay ahead?

Kelly Bond: As a business owner, the need for security looks and feels different than it may have a few months ago. Your customers need new security features like contact tracing, personnel control and mobile self-screening for their employees. These are imperative now, but the right solution must be able to grow and evolve with them as their company and the security landscape changes. It needs to be scalable. The way Brivo Complete is structured, businesses can add to their systems when they open a new location or just want to add access control to an additional door. Whatever the need, Brivo can grow with them.


SDM: What can companies expect when deploying Brivo Complete that’s different from other services in the market?

Kelly Bond: Brivo is the only manufacturer offering this complete subscription model. The superior Brivo cloud-based access control and hardware coupled with the flexible subscription purchasing model provides a solution that is not only affordable but also convenient. Brivo Complete comes with a user-friendly interface for managing security from anywhere and provides a lifetime warranty on the Brivo equipment.


Learn more about Brivo Complete at www.Brivo.com.