Jamie Vos, the new president of the Electronic Security Association (ESA), first entered the security business in 1994 at his father’s company, Bellingham Lock and Safe. He later took the reins with his brother Jamie, they changed the name of the company to Security Solutions and grew the business from less than 15 employees to more than 60 in about a decade.

The company now maintains the Bellingham Lock and Safe brand as its locksmith division, in addition to performing a variety of security and fire services for residential and commercial clients.

Vos first became involved in ESA some 16 years ago, remembering what his father had told him about associations being the best way to learn and grow a business.

He had served as president of WAESA, Washington’s local ESA chapter, before joining the executive committee at the national level.

“As I look at ESA, we have a phenomenal mission and vision,” Vos said. “If we can stay focused and execute on that, especially through these trying times, we’re going to have a lot of fun together — not only fun, but we’re going to do amazing things. We’re going to drive membership, we’re going to prove value, we’re going to come alongside and guide the industry. We’re going to continue to educate so that we have a better workforce out there. We’re going to grow our workforce through FAST. And how do we do that? We do that by caring and equipping our team members.”