Maxxess Systems, a global provider of event response management and collaboration systems, has entered into a global strategic partnership with WaveLynx Technologies, leveraging complementary technology innovations and a shared focus on expanding market adoption of mobile access control.

Maxxess Systems will serve as a reseller of WaveLynx Ethos Readers and LEAF credentials, and will develop an end-to-end mobile access solution integrating Wavelynx MyPass technology for automatic mobile credential provisioning into Maxxess’ suite of security and safety management solutions.

“The current security environment has demonstrated to all company leaders the importance and value of mobile credentials,” said Nancy Islas, president of Maxxess Systems. “WaveLynx MyPass Mobile Credentials provides convenient security while complementing Maxxess' mobile suite of safety solutions.”

Laurie Aaron, WaveLynx Technologies executive vice president, added, “WaveLynx Technologies drives our products into the market through our loyal, value-added OEM partners and we’re excited to partner with Maxxess Systems. WaveLynx reader devices and our LEAF enablement align with the innovative culture of Maxxess eFusion solutions and the partnership will help WaveLynx expand our international presence in South America, Europe and the Middle East.”

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