DMP’s new panel features add even greater flexibility to DMP’s access control. Now, for instance, users can create private access doors without assigning them to an access area. This new feature allows users to apply private doors to profiles on a user-by-user basis. If a network is down temporarily and communication with the panel is intermittent, customers will still have a complete audit trail for all access granted events, even those that occurred while it was down. Now the XR panels allow DMP’s 734N and 734N-POE access control modules to store those events locally. As soon as communication is reestablished, those events are automatically sent to the panel and inserted into the event buffer according to the actual time they occurred. The XR550 encrypted panel allows the Card + Pin feature to be assigned not only to selected profiles, but also to selected areas. XR Series Version 202 supports the upcoming 263LTE-FIRSTNET cellular communicator that operates on the AT&T FirstNet nationwide wireless public safety broadband network. In this release, DMP has also added a message at its graphic touchscreen and Thinline series keypads prompting users to reestablish that connection by entering their new passwords.