Open Options and PopID announced a strategic partnership that paves the way for an era of hands-free, face-based building entry. As part of the agreement, Open Options, a global provider of security and communication networking systems, will offer PopID's facial recognition-based system, PopEntry, to its existing customers as an add-on to their key card and mobile entry options. It also will provide the face-reading system to new customers seeking true contactless entry for security, safety and convenience.  

The PopEntry system lets individuals enter a building using only their face for authorization. Employees or visitors scan their faces into the system via the PopID website for enrollment. After enrolled, users will then stand before a device to be recognized with or without a face mask. Once recognized, the door automatically unlocks. The 100 percent hands-free facial recognition technology offers an attractive alternative to key cards, which carry a high administrative cost. The technology also has the advantage of mobile phone entry. One's face can never be lost or stolen, or run low on batteries.
The device is equipped to send an alert to building security if a tailgater follows a recognized person into the building. PopID also offers an instant and accurate temperature screening function via its PopEntry+ system, which serves as an additional data point to allow or deny entry. 

"We have been following a number of the new screening technologies coming to market since the spring and believe that PopID's system is not only among the most effective, but it can be easily integrated into our existing user base with a single administrative panel," said Open Options President Charles O'Leary. "We look forward to a successful collaboration."

"Our data in the market clearly demonstrates that, when a person is given the choice between using a key card, phone or face to enter the workplace, he or she almost always prefers to use face," said Cali Group Chairman and PopID Founder/CEO John Miller. "And facility managers using our face-based door opening solution have shown that it not only mitigates security risk, but it reduces administrative costs." 

Furthermore, PopID is a universal opt-in consumer service through which consumers need only register once to allow them to use their face to enter any building, retail store or restaurant that has an access control system integrated with PopEntry. A person can also use the same PopID account for face-based transactions in restaurants and retail stores that accept PopPay.