The SentiVeillance 8.0 software development kit allows developers to create identification solutions that use live video streams from digital surveillance cameras or video files. The latest version adds face detection and recognition of people who are wearing masks and includes new algorithms that improve license plate detection and recognition speed and accuracy. It also provides new features for vehicle and human mode, including car make and model estimation, vehicle angle estimation and cloth and gender estimations for pedestrians. It includes a new working mode combination enabling face and VH modes to be used together for fast and accurate identification. The new SentiVeillance mode combination (face and VH) allows tracking of the subject even when the face is no longer visible – functionality that is particularly useful in scenarios in which tracking a person’s position is important. The high reliability of SentiVeillance's biometric facial identification algorithm allows it to be used with large watch-list databases, both for identifying a person who is on a list and adding new faces from video streams to watch lists.

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