Securitas, a global protective services company, has published its annual and sustainability report for 2020. The report looks at financial targets, target fulfillment, key performance indicators and overall goals of the company.

In 2020, Securitas had 355,000 employees across 47 countries, working with 153,000 clients and 107 billion SEK (Swedish kroner), or $12 billion, in total sales.

Magnus Ahlqvist, president and CEO of Securitas AB, noted the company’s resilience throughout the coronavirus pandemic, in a CEO statement in the report.

“With a clear focus across the entire company on four main priorities — protecting the health and safety of our people, staying close to our clients, managing costs and maintaining our cash generation — we have been able to cope well throughout the different stages of the pandemic.”

The report also listed global trends impacting security needs, including advanced security systems, a sense of instability, sensitive infrastructure, societal tensions and urbanization.

According to the report, Securitas had a gross income of 18 billion SEK (Swedish kroner) for 2020, compared to 19 billion in 2019. In U.S. dollars, that translates to around $2.8 billion and $3 billion, respectively.

Additionally, the report lists how the company contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on gender equity, decent work and economic growth and providing quality education to its employees.

Read the full report online.