The board of directors of Securitas has resolved that the company will acquire its own series B shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. The purpose of the acquisition is to ensure Securitas’ undertakings in respect of share-related or share-based incentive programs (other than delivery of shares to participants of incentive programs), including covering social security costs.  

The acquisition will begin June 4, 2021, and will end no later than August 31, 2021, and will be administrated by Danske Bank, which, based on the trading order given by Securitas to Danske Bank, will take trading decisions independently of Securitas with regard to the timing of the acquisition.

The acquisition includes a maximum of 350,000 series B shares on one or several occasions and shall be made on Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with applicable rules. The acquisitions will be made at a price per share within the from time to time registered trading interval. Payment for the shares will be made in cash. Reporting will take place through the stock exchange in accordance with applicable rules.

The total number of shares in Securitas amounts to 365,058,897 — 17,142,600 series A shares and 347,916,297 series B shares. As of this writing, the company holds 125,000 own shares. In the event of a fully executed share repurchase, the company will own shares representing maximum 0.13 percent of the issued shares in the company.