Vigitron’s industrial network switches represent a new performance standard for remote networking applications, the company described. Both new Vigitron’s INS switches provide IEEE 802.3bt compliant PoE up to 90W. They handle power inputs up to 480W, are hardened, and are able to operate at a wide temperature of -22 deg. F to 158 deg. F. They are able to handle IP video with large packets up to 9,600 bytes even at 100 Mbps bandwidth to assure reliable transmission. They also operate at 1,000 Mbps to meet the needs of newer cameras with 1,000 Mbps ports. The Vi30208 is a 4+2+2 network switch providing up to six individually programmable Ethernet ports with PoE and two independent fiber ports for system versatility. The Vi30210 provides an 8+2 configuration. Both switches feature industry-standard G.8032 V1/V2 “Ring” protocol for interfacing to any network system. They include alarm outputs and redundant power inputs. 

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