IDIS has released IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) version 3.5, its most powerful enterprise-class VMS yet. New features and service modules are designed around increased situational awareness, efficient response coordination, and sped up investigations. A new Real-Time Transport Protocol service enables seamless and stable video and voice relay to third-party devices and software without an SDK or API, increasing system flexibility and helping security teams coordinate responses to threats and incidents. Improving real-time monitoring, text-to-speech allows operators to pre-set verbal multi-lingual notifications to pre-determined events. Operatives can now also benefit from real-time pop-ups based on the GPS location of a triggered alarm, providing enhanced wide-area awareness from cameras ranging from a 10 to 100 kilometer radius. ISS v3.5 also includes Instant Synchronized Playback, which presents operators with precisely time-synched screen views of video streams across single or multiple sites. The event notification center enables centralized control of multiple audio devices, giving security teams mass-and targeted-communications capabilities, which can help them to pre-empt security or safety breaches, or to issue warnings in the event of an emergency.