Our congratulations to Babel Street and its CEO, Jeff Chapman, on winning the fifth annual Golden Eagle Award from the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security (NCS4). 

Babel X, Babel Street’s premier SaaS technology, was used by both internal and partner analysts for NFL’s Super Bowl XLIX, and for managing the venue during a big event. Babel X is a cloud-based solution that discovers and analyzes multi-lingual information emanating across the Web in real-time. The platform scanned more than 40 social and consumer platforms in 200-plus languages, while also conducting entity searches when necessary.

Babel Street and its partner analysts were able to collect more than one billion posts related to Super Bowl XLIX and the Phoenix area, including 40,000 geo-located postings. From these, 124,000-plus were filtered and analyzed, with 48 of those being passed along to the necessary individuals for further analysis. Ultimately, among the multiple uses of Babel X during the game, three particular postings were identified that indicated possible threats to the venue. Each was vetted successfully and cleared.

The Golden Eagle Award, sponsored by SDM, is from NCS4. The University of Southern Mississippi is home to NCS4 and the Golden Eagles. This award recognizes excellence in the safety and security aspects of sports venues by their designers, builders and integrators. The award honors the best project among all nominees each year. The naming of the Golden Eagle Award also recognizes the commitment and work that the University of Southern Mississippi does in contributing to safety and security in the global spectator sports industry.

Check out more about Babel Street, as well as all of the fine projects presented by the six finalists in the fifth annual Golden Eagle Awards competition at: www.SDMmag.com/articles/93988-fifth-annual-golden-eagle-awards.