Can Your Fire Alarm System Survive?

1. It is recommended that the voice notification message be intelligible, _____________, and appropriate for the hazard
A. Loud
B. Understable
C. Audible
D. Visible
2. Carbon monoxide alarms shall have a minimum rating of __________ at 10 ft.
A. 75
B. 85
C 95
D. 105
E. part of the alarm system
Annex F
3. The distinctive three-pulse temporal pattern for fire alarm evacuation has been recommended by the Code since ______________-
A. 1973
B. 1979
C. 1993
D. 2001
E. All of the above
4. When referring to an escape route, and the normal path of egress, does that include windows or other means of escape?
A. Yes
B. No
Is it acceptable to install a CO alarm mounted low in a room (i.e., at the typical outlet height)?
A. Yes
B. No
6 In what edition of the Code did the requirement for interconnected smoke alarms throughout dwellings occur?
A. 1979
B. 1993
C. 2007
D. 2013
7. When commercial light and power are not available, a secondary power source must be provided to operate a carbon monoxide alarm for at least seven days and ___________ of alarm.
A. 4 minutes
B. 15 minutes
C. 12 hours
D.24 hours
8. All electrical systems designed to be installed by other than a qualified electrician shall be powered from a source not in excess of _____________ volts that meets the requirements for power-limited fire alarm circuits.
A. 12
B. 24
C. 30
D. 60
9. Low power transmitters/transceivers shall transmit check-in signals at intervals not exceeding __________
A. 5
B. 6
C. 30
D. 80
10. The maximum allowable response delay from activation of an initiating device to receipt and alarm/display by the receiver/control unit shall be __________-
A. 6 seconds
B. 12 seconds
C. 20 seconds
D. 1 minute
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