The Monitoring Association (TMA) announced the appointment of Matt Narowski, vice president of operations, Security Central, and Rob Raisch, chief architect & team lead, Monitoring Integration, Simplisafe Inc., to the volunteer position of co-chairs for its technology committee. Narowski and Raisch succeed longtime technology committee chairs Steve Butkovich, CPI Security, and Sascha Kylau, OneTel Security, both of whom are moving into new leadership roles within TMA.

On his new appointment, Narowski remarked, “I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to co-chair TMA’s technology committee. The committee’s continued work ensures that TMA members have access to information regarding established and emerging technologies that are not always apparent without extensive research. I’m looking forward to exploring new technologies such as Generative AI and how related technologies can help bolster a central station’s ability to add additional services, including video analytics, customer service interaction as well as a myriad of other opportunities.”

Raisch said, “Our industry is on the cusp of enormous change and I'm excited for the opportunity to help our members navigate and understand the plethora of newly available technologies, while maintaining the highest quality of service for their customers. From protecting oneself in the ‘Dark Forest’ to the application of machine learning to incident analysis, I hope to shepherd the creation of knowledge resources of immediate and actionable value to all TMA members.”

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