General Electric’s Security business has joined the implementers’ forum board of directors of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance Inc., a global industry consortium that creates international specifications for high-speed power line networking products and services.

The alliance has three promoter’s groups focused on the development and promotion of compatible, interrelated power line communications standards for high-performance in-home data networking and content distribution (HomePlug 1.0 and AV), to-the-home access technology (HomePlug BPL), and within-the-home infrastructure and inter-appliance communication (HomePlug Command and Control).

With HomePlug technology as the base line for home networking, content distribution and home automation, HomePlug-enabled products from companies like

GE will be able to communicate with other consumer electronics products, personal computer platforms, security systems and general-purpose appliances, simply by plugging them into an electrical outlet.

“The global market for HomePlug technology is rapidly expanding beyond home data networking and Internet sharing into rich multimedia content distribution and home automation,” asserted Matt Theall, president of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and power line initiative manager for Intel Corp. “GE Security will be a valuable addition to the HomePlug Board of Directors.”