Security First AlarmGroup Inc., Pasadena, Calif., announced the launch of a residential dealer program. According to Tony Smith, president and CEO of the company, the time is ripe for such a launch. “There is a huge number of dealers not being served. This program allows dealers to build equity into their program,” Smith said.

Security First AlarmGroup has a management team in place for the “Partners-in-profit” dealer program, as well as a five-year funding plan. The program will roll out on a national basis and National Monitoring Center, Viejo, Calif., will do the customer monitoring.

Smith emphasized no holdbacks, no reserves, no guarantees, no exclusivity and no minimum volume as benefits for the program’s dealers. Security First AlarmGroup’s dealers will only work with homeowners with 650 credit or better. A higher credit score should help keep attrition in the low digits, Smith said.

Another aspect that sets them apart from other dealer programs, Smith said, is that the program’s contracts make it extremely difficult for a customer to walk out of the contract. The focus of the program is allowing independent dealers to build equity and business.

An interactive Web site will have resources for the dealer, manufacturer and customer.

“We will keep them happy campers. That is something as an industry we probably haven’t done that good of a job of,” Smith said of security customers.

Security First AlarmGroup’s program is currently seeking dealers to sell a range of equipment from “the major players,” Smith said. Manufacturing brands will include Honeywell, DSC and GE.