Milestone Systems has released Milestone Arcus, an embedded video surveillance platform that runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows-related operating systems, within network storage and cameras or other edge devices. Hardware partners who embed Arcus in any hardware form factor will be able to offer a streamlined video management that is easy to install at competitive price points, Milestone said.

Milestone Arcus is designed for hardware vendors to embed in their products and to be sold by their channels as an out-of-the-box solution. The embedded solutions will be co-branded with Milestone.

“Milestone Arcus is a multi-platform VMS that hardware vendors can embed in their products for customers wanting simple, inexpensive surveillance tools. Milestone Arcus makes the move from analog to IP easy and fast for partners and their customers,” says Lars Nordenlund, vice president of Incubation & Ventures at Milestone Systems. 

About 60 percent of the physical security market is estimated to be using analog equipment so there is considerable potential business that will be moving to IP networked solutions over the coming years, the company stated in a prepared release.

“There is conservatively $6 billion in analog sales by 2015 that will be converting to IP in the security equipment market, not including service and maintenance. Milestone Arcus opens up new growth opportunities in which hardware vendors can accelerate their business,” said Balaji Srimoolanathan, Principal Consultant – Aerospace, Defense & Security, for Frost & Sullivan. “Milestone Arcus is timed right for this trend and can reach the low end of the security market that will be in transition. It will be a major driver, with huge impact in motivating a lot of people to move toward IP.”

Several early-adopter partners soon will be announcing their products with Milestone Arcus embedded, the company revealed.