Tio_logoAutomated Control Technology Partners Inc.(ACTP) announced the launch of its new home automation brand, TiO(Turn it On). The company calls TiO “an entirely new approach to home automation,” one driven by an “outside in” philosophy that focuses on the customer experience. TiO home automation solutions will provide professional integrators with an easy-to-install, elegant home automation solution that offers powerful features, maximum flexibility and a new pricing model that will allow home automation to reach a broad base of consumers, the company stated in a press release.

“TiO is driven by our vision to provide homeowners with an experience that seamlessly captures their mood and provides them with comfort and peace of mind,” said Mike Anderson, president and chief executive officer of ACTP. “TiO is unlike any other home automation system because it truly allows the customer to control how the system interacts with their daily life. We’ve designed the TiO system to be simple and intuitive enough for the consumer to perfectly match their moods and create satisfying and powerful experiences in their home. We want to deliver a solution that adapts to the customer instead of asking the customer to adapt to the system.”

TiO systems will run on Android-enabled devices, allowing users to better utilize one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms. Each system can be configured via an Android tablet.

TiO systems will also offer professional integrators the luxury of specifying systems based on a nearly flat system pricing structure—a benefit that the company says sets it apart from other home automation systems. Integrators can easily scale and upgrade systems, adding any combination of elements, to meet their customer’s needs, according to TiO.

TiO will unveil its initial product offering in June 2013 and will demonstrate product for the first time at InfoComm 2013, June 12-14 in Orlando. The product is expected to ship by July 1. 

For more information on TiO and to sign up for information on the upcoming product launch, visit www.tiohome.com