, Vienna, Va., launched a new sales and marketing tool called Customer Connections to increase customer engagement, reduce attrition and maximize upsell opportunities. The opt-in program generates dealer-branded email communications to engage existing accounts, and help’s partners generate the most lifetime value from every account.

Customer Connections uses sophisticated analytics to help dealers manage attrition and find new upsell opportunities.  The program identifies accounts and then determines the best message or package to smartly engage the customer on behalf of the dealer.  Attrition in particular is extremely costly for dealers.  Kenny explained that “ has put a lot of time into understanding attrition, and we know that engagement can dramatically reduce it.”  

“ is committed to giving our partners the resources, support and technology they need to succeed in a changing market, and we’ve developed a full suite of end-to-end marketing services to support them,” said Jay Kenny, vice president of marketing at “Programs like Customer Connections are powerful tools, but they are typically only available to really big companies. We want to give our partners every advantage for success.”   

Upselling accounts into additional connected home services maximizes the lifetime value of every account and leads directly to more revenue for dealers,  stated. Anne Ferguson, senior director of partner marketing at said “existing accounts are an untapped resource for dealers to quickly add new revenue. Creating a new account is time consuming and costly, so getting the most value from each one is really important to our partners’ success.”  

Customer Connections is part of’s Integrated Marketing program (AIM), a suite of end-to-end marketing resources designed specifically for selling connected home services. partners can pick and choose the tools they need to help drive lead generation and sales success, as well as improve customer engagement and retention. 

AIM includes tested and proven consumer messaging, co-branded web and mobile sites, and marketing content and collateral.  These resources all feed into tactical services like lead generation, sales tools, customer relationship management, and upsell campaigns.  AIM even connects partners with’s national advertising strategy that creates awareness around connected home services and drives interested consumers to the partner channel.    
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