Razberi Technologies, a developer of network video solutions for professional video surveillance and security applications, entered into a partnership with PSA Security Network to distribute Razberi’s IP video products.

“Razberi’s incredible growth and product development in the IP video industry over the last few years has led to the need to open additional avenues for product distribution to the security market,” said Razberi Technologies president Tom Galvin. “We’re pleased to announce that respected and industry-leading PSA Security Network has joined our efforts to deliver the razberi ServerSwitch and supporting products to their network of valued customers.”

The patented razberi ServerSwitch appliance combines an NVR, a PoE switch, storage and VMS into one easy-to-use and install appliance. According to a press release, the razberi appliances are a cost-effective alternative to enterprise servers and network switches. The appliance hosts multiple certified VMS products, providing system integrators the ability to assemble smaller, more compact systems that don’t require a large IT infrastructure.

“Our network is composed of the most progressive security integrators throughout North America, which represents the perfect customer for razberi’s technology-driven and cost-saving products,” said Craig Patterson, director of vendor management of PSA Security Network. “We are impressed with the capabilities that razberi will bring to our integrators by bringing together all of the elements of a video surveillance system in an easy to use and install package.”

Randy Brem, vice president of sales for North America, Razberi Technologies, added, “PSA Security is an excellent partner that offers more than just product distribution. Their commitment to service and their long-lasting integrator relationships bring added value to the delivery of our products.”

 Visit www.razberi.net for more information.