In an effort to jumpstart Summer RMR for its independent alarm installers, SentryNet has started the Summer Madness Promotion. The promotion runs from July 1 to August 31, 2015. Every new or existing dealer who grows their account base by 10 accounts during those dates will receive a cordless 18V power drill. That’s only five accounts per month, well below the national average.
“A drill may seem like such a little item in the big scheme of things, but SentryNet listens to our needs and it’s a big thing when installing a new system,” said Greg, a Florida technician installing a system to be monitored by SentryNet.
In the past SentryNet has run a contest for its dealers with prizes that included items for the office and work trucks, as well as rebate checks. Peggy Marie Page, marketing coordinator at SentryNet said, “These contests have the goal to boost their [the independent alarm installers] RMR and provide them with the tools they need every day.” 
David J. Avritt, president of SentryNet added, “We know our success is dependent upon our dealers’ success, and we do everything we can to help them grow their business, be it with contests, personal business consulting or back office support. We are there for them.” 
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