At ISC West 2016, STOPware Inc., a global leader in visitor management technology, is unveiling their enhanced PassagePoint Visitor Tablet solution, now with new features and functionality designed to significantly improve the convenience and efficiency of visitor registration. The tablet will be on display at the company’s booth (#19125).

“Recognizing that mobile and self-service visitor registration are two of the fastest-growing trends in visitor management today, STOPware develops solutions to meet customers visitor security demands for high-quality, fully functional technology to enable both functions,” said Paul Terschuren, CEO, STOPware Inc. “When combined with the advanced features and technology integrations of our PassagePoint visitor management software, the PassagePoint Visitor Tablet provides end users with greater flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings in their visitor management processes.”

The latest addition to STOPware’s line of ruggedized PassagePoint Visitor Tablets comes pre-loaded with the company’s PassagePoint visitor management software and integrated with appropriate hardware to enable fully-functional mobile visitor check-in from virtually any location. A driver’s license scanner, camera and barcode scanner are built in to the tablet, and by adding a mobile printer, users can verify visitors at any location, including remote entry gates and checkpoints to create accurate audit trails.

Also new from STOPware is a VisitorShield desktop kiosk. This self-service visitor management and check-in verification solution is designed for countertop or registration desk use to allow visitors to quickly and easily self-register at a facility. With self-registration, organizations gain efficiency by controlling the flow of visitors while improving safety and security at their facilities. Additionally, end users can achieve savings by reducing the workload of front desk and security personnel.