Red Wing Shoe Company unveiled its Wall of Honor, a monument featuring stories about skilled laborers and their Red Wing boots, in the honorees' own words, one of which is Dave Ebaugh, an alarm installation technician who installed the fire alarm system for NSF Research Facility at the South Pole.

The Wall of Honor pays tribute to those who have handled some of the toughest jobs such as delivering goods and services across ports and seaways as a U.S. Merchant Marine, installing the spire atop the Willis Tower in Chicago, and the cleanup at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks. 
“We receive thousands of notes every year from workers sharing their Red Wing stories — and often times their boots. The Wall of Honor was created to honor these customers,” said Dave Schneider, chief marketing officer at Red Wing Shoe Company who conceived the Wall of Honor. 

“I’ve been wearing my Red Wing boots throughout my 27 years in construction and as a volunteer fireman,” Ebaugh said. “My first pair were pull-ons, and I went through three sets of soles. I just couldn’t let them go.” 

Ebaugh said one of the most interesting jobs over his career was when he installed two fire alarm systems to protect the buildings of the U.S. National Science Foundation research facility in the South Pole. “I flew to New Zealand and then to the coast of Antarctica before going to the station. I was there for 10 days, installing the fire alarm system throughout the facility.”

He explained that work boots are required to work on job sites, and he likes Red Wings because they are durable and comfortable. “You wear your work boots on a daily basis so they need to be comfortable, and it’s good to have a pair that provides ankle protection and have Vibram soles for safety and comfort. Also, I need a good pair of work boots because I am a volunteer fireman in the mountains of Colorado. I go to fight fires and assist paramedics on medical calls and other emergencies that come up in the community on evenings and weekends.”

Ebaugh said he believes his story was one that was highlighted by Red Wing Shoes “possibly because of my South Pole work, since it is one of the coldest and windiest places in the world — being able to accomplish my work in such a different weather environment. I’m big on integrity, both in products and people — what it means to work hard and do things right. I know Red Wings aren’t the cheapest boots, but you sure get what you pay for.”