Visix’s AxisTV Alert software application for digital signage gives customers time saving workflows to deliver important updates and critical alerts across their digital signage system. It is designed as a stand-alone platform for high reliability, scalability and performance and can be used alongside any digital signage content management solution, including Visix’s own AxisTV signage suite. The application is built around common alerting protocol (CAP) standards and easily integrates with popular third-party alerting suites such as Alertus and Rave Mobile Safety. The new product combines a central alert management application (AxisTV Alert) with playback software (AxisTV Siren) for an unlimited number of players, and can be used with both on premise and hosted signage systems. AxisTV Alert uses asynchronous and multi-thread processing for high performance while consuming CAP messages from third-party mass notification vendors and rapidly communicating with media players running Siren.

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