PSA, a consortium of professional systems integrators, announced its plans to launch a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program. The program is designed to help systems integrators diversify their service offerings and realize the full potential and benefits of a managed services business model. It will hinge on uniting industry leading partners in cyber security and cloud-based security solutions, training and certification opportunities and financing options from PSA. 

“The security industry is on the edge of its next great evolution in terms of systems integrators becoming managed security service providers,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA. “Our program is poised to help those progressive integrators who are already at the leading edge of this market evolve their own businesses in a way that leverages the technology advances in the market so they can tap into additional revenue opportunities and accelerate their business growth.” 

PSA will be partnering with industry leading solutions providers to bring cloud-based cyber security services, video management, remote video monitoring and access control solutions to systems integrators as part of a comprehensive program that will help support them in implementing this new business model into their existing business constructs. 

In addition to the product offerings and financing options, PSA will also provide integrators with virtual and in-person training opportunities to help guide them on their path to becoming managed security service providers. PSA will host an immersive workshop for integrators interested in becoming a managed security service provider at PSA TEC on Monday, March 11 at 1 p.m. titled “The MSSP Model Changes Everything! Are You Ready?” The session will feature insights from industry insiders on compensation practices, financing, sales strategy and account billing and revenue recognition practices of an MSSP model. Experts joining the session include Bill Bozeman, president and CEO, PSA; John Mack III, executive vice president, co-head of investment baking, head of mergers & acquisitions, Imperial Capital; Les Gold, partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, SDM’s Security & the Law columnist; Chris Peterson, principal, speaker and consultant, Vector Firm; Charlie Regan, president, Gorrie-Regan; and Andrew Lanning, co-founder, Integrated Security Technologies. 

“We recognize that this kind of shift in how integrators do business is significant,” said Bozeman. “It changes the way they compensate their sales teams, the way they sell, the way they install and maintain systems — it really changes everything. That’s why education is a key part of this program; it’s not just about having new products and services. It’s a fundamental change in how they do business and PSA is prepared to help integrators navigate those finer points.”

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