Johnson Controls has introduced exacqVision VMS v19.03. The features introduced in this latest version provide users with greater flexibility and freedom for business-optimizing results. For example, users can now more quickly navigate multiple maps of their facility — easily linking child maps to parent maps and vice versa. exacqVision users can now also customize their cameras’ on-screen display to show useful information such as city, state, asset tag or a custom description of the camera. Messages can be displayed on multiple lines in various font colors and text styles to help indicate levels of urgency or categories of information. Finally, exacqVision v19.03 extends support for direct SD video recording capabilities with Hanwha cameras. When connectivity between a supported Hanwha camera and an exacqVision NVR fails, video records directly onto the camera’s SD card. Once connectivity is reestablished, recorded video transfers back to the exacqVision NVR and is automatically stored at the correct date and time.

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