Miotta, formerly Mivatek, has unveiled its newest “Smarter Premises as a Service,” allowing global service providers to offer turnkey, RMR-based, smart home, enterprise, and care protection services.

The new Miotta Smarter Premises as a Service, or SPaaS, relies on Miotta’s advanced mobile-cloud software. Using this specialized software, service providers can offer their customers turnkey, automated, expandable video IoT systems with integrated multipurpose and multi-location capabilities. These systems ultimately provide homeowners with collaborative video-verified security, safety, and care service, giving them peace of mind by ensuring that all respective authorized mobile users are alerted in the event of a security- or health-related event.

Miotta’s mobile-cloud allows service providers to offer interactive/collaborative, high-roof-count monitoring services, while dramatically reducing the providers’ capital and operating expenses and enabling them to expand their geographic range and scope of service.

These security services are not only available to residential users but to enterprises of all sizes.

Starting with a simple video-IoT security system, consumers can easily expand their system to cover multi-location smarter homes, and business security systems covering video-verified security, safety, and care protection services in one single mobile app. The addition of professional monitoring services provides consumers with an additional security safety net. Further, the video verification feature of the system will help to significantly reduce false alarm rates.   

The user collaboration app allows the system owner to manage video access privileges with video privacy and supervisory control. Owners and family members can be functionally separated from neighbors, friends, and concierge oversight while all are alerted simultaneously in the event of an emergency. The video-verified app also connects to professional monitoring call centers. The event video recording and verification prevents false alarms, and the recorded-event video evidence ensures prioritized emergency response from first responders.

“We are excited to unveil our newest Smarter Premises partnership program not only to security dealers but to global service providers,” said Joe Liu, Miotta CEO. “Our turnkey, video integrated security, safety, and care mobile-cloud has made smart home and enterprise protection easy and affordable for service providers and consumers.”

Visit www.miotta.com for more information.