SiteOwl LLC, a technology company focused on helping security integrators and security system owners digitize their integration workflow, is expanding its existing product offering to the full U.S. integrator market. The move comes after months of incubation, partnership and testing with key integrators around the country.

“We’ve vigorously honed and refined SiteOwl’s capabilities based off of real security integration users,” said Joseph Ndesandjo, SiteOwl CEO. In fact, the idea for SiteOwl came from Ndesandjo’s own frustrations as a security dealer and integrator, he explained. “I started in residential security and couldn’t sell a single security system,” he recalled. “Slowly I went into small, then medium, then enterprise commercial business and sold off all the residential. But I got to see the perspective of the industry from the smallest installs to multi-million dollar contracts. What is common along that entire path is the integrator plays this hard role between the customers with demands and the manufacturers with the apparent capabilities, and all the confusion in between. It feels like you are always under fire.”

So, in conjunction with his integration company, 3Sixty, Ndesandjo set out to make life easier — originally for his own company, but with the intention to eventually offer his solution industry-wide.

“I had this vision to leverage technology more efficiently for integrators,” he said. “I felt like nothing had been built to help the integrator and end user manage the labor and support and delivery of all those systems.”

So after some trial and error, and four years of getting it right and testing it, SiteOwl was officially launched this fall. Leveraging cloud-based technology, the proliferation of mobile devices and the modern concepts behind the Internet of things (IoT), the company aims to help integrators transition away from disconnected, analog methodologies by providing a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that teams can utilize throughout every step of the design, installation and service process.

“It allows you to design more quickly, drag and drop in real time and have that integrated into your next process,” Ndesandjo explained. It also helps with installation and training. Not only does each technician have the app on their phone, with all the information at their fingers, they also take a picture of each component they install and that is stored, as well. “You know who did what,” Ndesandjo added.

In the design and installation phase, the integrator can let the customer watch the process. “They can invite as many people as they want to follow along, which massively elevates the integrator’s level of communication,” Ndesandjo said. When the project is complete they can hand the software off to the customer to use for ongoing management of devices, for a recurring fee.

SiteOwl aids system owners by helping them track and store essential system information. Key pieces of data — like part numbers, warranty dates, serial numbers and IP and MAC addresses — can be stored and retrieved through the company’s centralized platform, further enhancing system longevity and serviceability.

SiteOwl is focused on eliminating industry inefficiencies and helping integrators across the U.S. create a defining and remarkable experience for every customer. 

“There were three things we were focused on solving for the integrator,” Ndesandjo said. ‘Number one, we are making business scalable. That hits the process simplicity issue and makes it easy to do fast work. Number two, it helps them elevate the customer experience so they can differentiate themselves. We have had integrators awarded work because of SiteOwl. The customer will ask, ‘How are you going to ensure me this product will be delivered as promised?’ Our integrator says, ‘We use SiteOwl and we can show you what is happening every step of the way.’ Lastly, this positions you as the company really helping them manage their entire account. It opens you up to service contracts and agreements because the customer can now see what is in it for them. It is now in front of them and they are part of the experience for the entire process.”

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