Acoustic Design Systems (ADS), a Las Vegas provider of commercial and residential home automation and security solutions, launched a fire systems and monitoring services division.

Expanding the company’s commercial offerings, the new division provides consumers with state-of-the-art fire detection systems and a range of services from installation, integration, maintenance service and wireless monitoring to alarm activation and more. Fire systems can be integrated to work together for automated control.

ADS equips educational, commercial and industrial client facilities with fire systems from Honeywell Fire, Hochiki, Firelite, Farenhyt and System Sensor. All systems contain cutting-edge technology and building safety interfaces.

“We pride ourselves in having the most versatile and up-to-date systems available for consumers,” said Christopher Sterle, CEO and owner of ADS. “Whether you need a small conventional fire system or a large intelligent system, the certified and trained professionals on our staff keep them current and running properly in case of an emergency.”