Digital Solutions Division of Hitachi America Ltd. announced its 3DEZ 3D Digital Design Simulator Platform (#3DEZ) for systems integrators who wish to save time and money by digitizing any job site for precise planning at their office or other facilities. The 3D Digital Design Simulator (3DEZ) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) was developed and designed in-house specifically for the security industry, and the company has used it for proof-of-concept digital design projects in smart banking/retail, healthcare and airport verticals.

Hitachi America’s 3D Survey Service Network can generate 3D models of job sites or train company staff to perform scans in-house. The data then generates 3D models of jobsites, and allows systems integrators to visualize different layouts and placement of cameras, sensors and other systems with actual simulated views, allowing integrators to design more efficient, safer facilities.

“Hitachi has a global initiative to promote social innovation through digital transformation,” said Eldor Reif, Sr. PM at Hitachi America’s Digital Solutions Division. “Our Digital Solutions Division at Hitachi America Ltd. has been investing and developing in-house a true 3D digital design simulator platform specifically designed for the security industry for three-plus years from the ground up.”

He added that the new solution allows integrators to optimize placement of equipment remotely from their desk, reducing the need for multiple site visits. Another benefit is the design tool allows systems integrators to collaborate with their clients and even obtain faster pre-approvals for proposals.

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