EMERgency24 is hosting a roundtable discussion for alarm contractors who have founded or inherited a family business on Tuesday, June 2, at 1 p.m. CT.

Cathy Carroll, founder of Legacy Onward, will moderate the discussion among first- and second-generation alarm contractor companies to identify possible perils, and how they addressed and overcame these obstacles. 

“In my experience, there are very few Goldilocks in family businesses,” Carroll said. “By that I mean, family members in a family business are either underpaid or overpaid, they under-perform or over-perform, they favor tradition or they favor innovation. This webinar will explore the polarities and learn how some family businesses managed these tensions successfully in their leadership transitions.”

Questions that will be addressed include:

  • In your family business, how did you handle under-performers and over-performers during leadership transitions?
  • When the rising generation assumed primary leadership responsibilities, how did you manage the tension between tradition (honoring the past) and innovation (repositioning for the future)?
  • In your ownership transition, were you in agreement about who within the rising generation would become an owner and who wouldn’t?
  • How about the tension between ME and WE?  What did you do when the needs of one person were in conflict with the needs of the family?

Register for the webinar here.