Allied Universal launched a marketing campaign titled “There for you,” which delivers on the company’s new purpose statement of “serving and safeguarding customers, communities and people in today’s world.” With this new campaign, Allied Universal displays the important role of safety and security in an individual’s ability to thrive. 

Stemming from extensive qualitative and quantitative research from employees, clients and other stakeholders, Allied Universal’s main goals for the campaign were three-fold: to differentiate Allied Universal from competitors by focusing on the company’s unique purpose and values; build an emotional connection with the brand by demonstrating the company’s daily impact on consumers’ lives; and define the meaning behind the company’s “There for you” tagline.

“This campaign illustrates our important role with our clients and communities as our No. 1 goal is to serve and safeguard so they can have the freedom to love, create, produce and innovate without worrying about their security,” said Barbara Moreno, vice president of marketing at Allied Universal. “We wanted to show that we, as a company, are there for you — always aware and ready to act as there is nothing more powerful than feeling safe.”

The new ad spot brings together a montage showcasing everyday snippets of family, community, clients and relationships while Security Professionals are in the background providing safety in a world of evolving risk.

Watch the ad spot here.