The residential and small commercial system market has changed dramatically in the past five years. Large companies with big marketing budgets have reset how consumers think about security systems. End users are expecting low-cost installation and equipment cost, smart phone features, along with niceties such as doorbell cameras.

Napco Security Technologies has been delivering innovative and inexpensive control panels and alarm signal transmission options since 1969. Napco’s new Simplisafe slayers are the iSecure alarm kits, which deliver incredible performance and options at very low cost. The basic iSecure system consists of a Go Anywhere hub, which functions as the control panel, Starlink LTE central station communicator and wireless receiver for devices.

Each of the iSecure kits provides some standard features that should be attractive to security dealers who want to provide quick and low-cost system installations. The Go Anywhere hub can be located anywhere in the home or building so it can be placed for best reception of wireless and cellular communications. I also like how this feature acts as the “brains” of the system and can be stashed in a closet or other obscure location, making it harder for bad guys to disable the system. The hub can support a 12 vdc 4-amp battery, so plenty of backup power is available. The 12 volt 4Ah Gel battery is purchased separately.

All of the iSecure system devices such as keypads, motion detectors and door contacts are wireless, making the system installation quick and painless. With the proven reliability of the Napco Starlink cellular alarm signal communications, central station connectivity is assured.

Three iSecure kits provide smart phone control and communications, full function wireless keypad and the ability to connect up to 80 zones of wireless alarm sensors.

These kits are only available to professional alarm companies from authorized distributors. This prevents the customer from shopping your system on their smart phone while you are discussing their security needs.

These systems bring sorely needed professionalism to low-cost security systems. With the backing of a reliable manufacturer like Napco, dealers can offer these systems with confidence that they will install quickly and function flawlessly. With the proven Starlink cellular alarm signaling, the iSecure adds up to a winning system for our industry. Visit for more information.