Security Partners, Lancaster, Pa., will add its fourth North American location in Las Vegas.

Security Partners purchased the facility because of its strategic location, and the favorable environment for conducting business nationally, the company stated.

Company officials stated the building is perfect because it is a former government data center already equipped with many of the top security features expected from a Security Partners monitoring operations center.

Security Partners will maintain its West Coast operation in the Anaheim, Calif.-area for sales/administration, dealer support, and to accommodate the continued growth of its interactive monitoring services and dealer base.

 “We will be constructing a state-of-the-art facility to work hand-in-hand with our existing branches in southern California, Lancaster, Pa., and San Antonio,” said Michael Bodnar, president of Security Partners. “Security Partners is ... adding to our redundancy and our ability to balance alarm load in the future,” added Bob Schott, director of information technologies at Security Partners.