Completing the application to be ranked on the SDM 100 Report is laborious, but very thought-provoking. For example, one of the questions asked of security companies is “Describe a recent project or installation that you feel demonstrates your firm’s capabilities and staff talents well.” The responses are always impressive.

From No. 9-ranked Guardian Protection Services: “We were requested to design and deploy a security system for the obstetrics wing of a large urban hospital that would prevent the unauthorized movement of a newborn from the unit. This involved the integration of many building systems. The infants are discreetly tagged and individually identified by the system. The tags are supervised so the nursing staff is notified if a tag comes off or is cut. Approaching any perimeter door on the wing with a newborn results in the door locking with related annunciation for the nursing staff. Nurses utilize card access to move an infant off the wing for tests or treatment in other areas of the hospital as needed. Approaching any door already opened with a newborn results in a full alarm, which automatically locks surrounding doors, parks 14 elevators and alerts hospital security. In the event of a breach, an elaborate system of cameras allows security command to view pertinent areas to the wing. The locking of doors in this type of occupancy is highly regulated and we worked closely with both the city fire officials and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, which share jurisdiction over the facility.”

From No. 4-ranked Vivint: “The Zero Home is the first affordable production home in a climate 5 zone in the United States to reach net-zero, generating as much energy as it consumes. The home is equipped with a Vivint home automation and energy management system that includes a touchscreen panel that features energy analytics. The home, developed by Garbett Homes, also includes Vivint Internet and panels from Vivint Solar.”

From No. 61-ranked Peak Alarm Company: “Successfully designed and executed a 240-camera, IP video surveillance system and 30-door access control system for the newly constructed Rigby High School. The video system consisted of indoor and outdoor Axis cameras together with a Salient video management system. The DSX access control system manages approximately 30 doors. The Salient and DSX systems were selected for the ease with which they integrate after Rigby implements a full-time security operations center. Together the value of the two systems exceeds $350,000.”

No. 14-ranked Alarm Capital Alliance: “Recently performed a project on the mainline in Pennsylvania with all the bells and whistles that took advantage of the many forms of home services we offer. Beginning with a full residential security and smoke/CO detection system with video verification capability, consisting of more than 50 openings and protection points, the system employs environmental protection including temperature sensing and water detection. The varieties of technologies in use span the full range of offerings including garage door tilt sensor, both hardwire and wireless devices, traditional as well as image-capture video, and IP and cellular connectivity for both signal transmission as well as hosting a wide variety of interactive services. Multiple thermostats, light modules and door locks using Z-wave technology drive this customer’s smart home experience. Twelve video cameras utilizing both and traditional CCTV technologies provide the maximum flexibility combining live video, archived recordings and video verification of signals.”

Among SDM 100 dealers as well as throughout the industry, routine security installations as well as more complex projects like these are signs of success for the industry and progress towards a more secure America. Through their investment and trust in professional security companies, end user customers are showing that security remains a significant concern both at home and at work.

 There are many reasons the security industry continues to grow and technologies and services continue to be developed: Insurance and regulations compliance, risk mitigation, employee and customer protection, liability, even business intelligence, to name a few. Peace of mind is the crux of many of these and importantly feeds the mission of not only the SDM 100, but also the industry as a whole.